Shells decors crafts for house decorations

Do you have a bunch of shells collected after traveling but don’t know what to do with them? Here are some ways to decorate your home with a very simple clamshell for your reference.

You can put shells, shells, corals into a glass vase, add some sand, some branches of dried flowers or confetti … Simple and natural but also full of art. Right ?

If you still want your collection to fly a little more, you can use large frames to paste oysters to make the frame or compose a picture of a shell then hang on the wall. Your work will definitely be very personal and impressive.

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Another very interesting way is that you can also combine shells and shells into a circle like a wreath. In this way, you can paint on some shells to get a colorful, cheerful wreath.

Finally, why don’t you attach shells and snails to your homemade candlesticks, this can be a great gift for relatives and friends.