• Welcome to TH Handmade, are you looking for a trading company to import handcraft from Vietnam?
  • We are a gift accessories handcraft exporter in Hanoi, Vietnam. We supply crochet dolls, Water Hyacinth storage baskets, Sea Grass storage baskets, embroidery etc.. in Vietnam.


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About us

  TH Handmade team members have over 3 years of export handicrafts experience in Vietnam. As more and more young workers prefer to work in cities than to make a living by doing handmade craft job in villages, so turn us thinking that we shouldn’t let the culture vanished. With that common sense, In 2019, we established our trading company and started to ship our handmade Water Hyacinth baskets, Crochet, Hand Embroidery, wood decor and seashell craft etc. to the US and Europe market. We are professional though we were just started up, “Reasonable price, coordinated work and quantity assurance” is the service aim of our company.

  Sea Grass, Water Hyacinth, Rattan and seashells are abundant in Vietnam, and we follow local and international rules to obtain them. We love the nature, we only sell Eco-friendly products with indigenous materials handmade with love from Vietnam and at the same time promoting locally made products globally.